October 11, 2011


Some Hawkeye for the Renner gals on my list!

Ooh.  Mr. Renner.  Hello, there…


Some Hawkeye for the Renner gals on my list!

Ooh.  Mr. Renner.  Hello, there…

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February 6, 2012


I feel like hawk eye and abigail whistler would be friends

Oh my god.  I’m gonna need this crossover to happen now.  I could ship Clint/Abigail SO HARD.

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February 7, 2012




I’m tired of people saying that Black Widow’s suit in the film is impractical, thus it’s only there to make her look sexy, so let’s take a look at her suit and Clint’s suit side by side.

As you can see, it’s the same general make. Tight-fitting to promote agility, dark colours to aid stealth, and made to accommodate their personal weapons of choice. The material looks rather similar in both, so I’m assuming the suits give them the same amount of protection.

If we’re going by some sort of exposure factor, Clint’s suit is much more revealing. He’s got a lot more skin showing.

The only difference I’m seeing here is that Natasha has breasts and Clint doesn’t.

So basically, when people call Natasha a slut/skank based on the “flimsy” suit that she’s wearing but see no fault in the fact that Clint is wearing what looks to be very similar materials, all I’m hearing is, “She has boobs, so she must be a slut/skank.”

In short, get the fuck out of my fandom.

yeah, for real. natasha’s suit is one of the most logical female action suits I’ve seen in YEARS. 

the one thing I worry about is the open part on her chest. Not because OMG BOOBS but because omg it leaves her sternum unprotected and if she got HIT by something there it could fucking kill her.

Aside from that , it’s pretty quality.

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